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Traffic Barrier Exclusive: Business landscapes are evolving rapidly, and the growth of online and e-commerce activities continuously pushes warehouses and distribution centers to innovate for improved safety and efficiency.

Among the products we supply and install from the A-Safe range of safety products are:

A-Safe iFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail

The iFlex™ Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail aims to separate pedestrians from moving vehicles and workplace hazards effectively. It’s versatile for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Ideal for areas with light vehicles or where shallow angle impacts are a concern, the iFlex Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail stands out. This barrier system not only visually delineates traffic routes but also provides physical protection. In case of an impact, it cushions and deflects the force, safeguarding both pedestrians and drivers.


A-Safe iFlex Single Traffic Barrier Cold Storage

iFlex Single Traffic Barrier Cold Storage is purpose-engineered to provide the ultimate performance in cold stores and frozen food facilities. It is designed to shield buildings, machinery and equipment from damage caused by vehicle collisions.

This flexible, heavy-duty barrier system defines vehicle routes and guides drivers. It also shields vital assets and infrastructure by absorbing and deflecting impacts.

iFlex Single Traffic Barrier is ideal for facilities with a high volume of traffic.

A-Safe iFlex Double Traffic Barrier

The A-Safe iFlex™ Double Traffic Barrier actively protects buildings, machinery, and equipment from high-energy vehicle impacts. This barrier features twin traffic-strength rails, offering maximum resistance to impacts and effectively guarding against straying vehicles in busy areas. Its flexible, heavy-duty design not only defines vehicle routes, guiding drivers safely, but also serves as a shield for vital assets and infrastructure.

It absorbs and deflects impacts, making it an ideal solution for facilities frequented by a high volume of heavyweight vehicles.

A-Safe iFlex Single RackEnd Barrier

iFlex™ Single RackEnd Barrier provides heavy-duty protection to defend rack ends from heavy impact accidents and prevent damage.

Circular end posts provide enhanced protection at the barrier ends where impacts are more likely. Spinning collars further deflect and dissipate impact forces.

Ideal for sensitive environments, the barriers feature hygiene seals to prevent the ingress of dirt and bacteria.

A-Safe iFlex Bollard

iFlex™ Bollards are designed to protect structures and equipment from vehicle impact damage. They provide a robust physical presence to prevent access or guide vehicles and pedestrians.

iFlex Bollards are strong, durable and highly visible. They reinforce a driver’s attention to safe driving and can also act as guidance along traffic routes. A-SAFE Bollards are multi-functional and used extensively in industrial, commercial and public environments.


How can Fastline Services Ltd assist you?

At Fastline, we offer comprehensive services: we survey, supply, and install safety barriers. Our extensive experience and dedicated service have established us as one of the UK’s foremost installers of Impact Protection. Moreover, if you need this product or any other products or services featured on our website, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

We are always ready to address your requirements and provide top-notch solutions.


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